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Statement from STOP dated 15 March 2008:

In light of correspondence from Linda Welsh (Senior Solicitor, Glasgow City Council) to Fiona McGregor (McGrigors LLP Solicitors acting on behalf of Glasgow Harbour) dated 11 March 2008 STOP has sought urgent clarification from Glasgow City Council on what appears to be contradictory positions adopted in various documents emanating from GCC relating to the Public Local Inquiry in Partick starting on 22 April 2008.

Paragraph 3.2 in the GCC Outline Statement of Case states that “the Reporter, in the Report on Objections to the Glasgow City Plan (volume 4 – Shopping and Commerce), recommended that the City Plan be modified to include the Castlebank St/Benalder St site within Partick Town Centre, the Council decided at that time not to include the site in the Partick Town Centre – hence the site is “edge of Centre”.

In the same paragraph, the GCC statement that “Evidence will also be led on the relevant policies in the final draft City Plan 2 (CP2) where these have been substantially revised” appeared to indicate that this position has now changed.

This same position which indicated “a substantial revision” is contradicted in correspondence to STOP Chairman from Stephen Turnbull (Principal, City Plan Team) dated 28 February 2008 which states that “The plan should remain unchanged until such times as a decision is taken on the planning approach for developing the site or another sequentially suitable site is brought forward”.

Correspondence from Linda Welsh to Fiona McGregor dated 11 March 2008 indicates that the Council has changed its view on the Beith Street site and now views Beith Street as “clearly sequentially preferable to the South Street Site”.

Now consider the position adopted by GCC in its Outline Statement of Case; Paragraph 3.4 in the GCC Outline Statement of Case states that “The Council is of the view that irrespective of the outcome of this appeal [by Tesco Stores Ltd], the proposals may be difficult to realise on the Appeal site [i.e. Beith Street].  There may be difficulty in achieving a TRO for the necessary traffic re-routing, and the Appellants do not own all the land, nor have they secured ownership of the necessary additional land to achieve delivery of the proposals”.

STOP is now seeking a clear and transparent explanation is forthcoming from Glasgow City Council to alleviate doubts about the integrity of the decision-making process on this on-going saga.


Glasgow City Council Statement of Case relation to Tesco appeal (14Dec07)


Glasgow Harbour makes planning application for large supermarket Peel Holdings subsidiary Glasgow Harbour Ltd. today (11/09/2007) lodged a planning application for the construction of a major supermarket at the West end of the Harbour site   Glasgow Harbour Supermarket Image 


Our petition(PE1058) to the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee will be considered at its meeting on Tuesday 2 October 2007 at Committee Room 1, Parliamentary HQ at 2 pm. This meeting will be broadcast live on the internet and can be viewed at



Object !


Objection Letter to Revised Proposal (Application numbers 07/02100/DC, 05/03143 & 06/01972)- Download here  Please be aware that Glasgow City Council need your fresh objection to this revised proposal too. Print it off, add your name and address, and send to the council to make it clear you object along with everyone else.

Objection Letter to Revised Proposal (Application number 07/01810/DC)- Download here  Please be aware that Glasgow City Council need your fresh objection to this revised proposal too. Print it off, add your name and address, and send to the council to make it clear you object along with everyone else.

STOP PRESS : Press Release at 6 July 07  Tesco go to Scottish Executive to complain about Glasgow City Council taking their time....

3 Tesco Application in June   Given Tesco's lack of confidence for getting their initial monster proposal through, they have now posted 3 (THREE) fresh variations on the same them.  Unfortunately for us, we have to make a point of objecting to each and every one of them. Please download and complete each of the Objection Letters above and post them into the Council as soon as possible.

STOP PRESS : Press Release at 21 June 07  New Tesco outline planning application for Beith Street site

All Tomorrow's Particks Website  All Tomorrow’s Particks is a collective of people who live and work in the Partick area.  They have come together to create visions of what Partick could be for the future - a place determined by the people who live there.

Gridlock next to the proposed Tesco development site. NB This is before Tesco deliver us their proposed 500 extra cars every hour 24 hours a day, as discussed by Tesco's representatives at Partick Library. (All photos taken Tuesday 17Apr07 4.55pm)

DRS Director's response relating to the fundamentally flawed Castlebank Street Building Warrant  Steve Inch's response to our complaint..

Castlebank Street Building Warrant  The "illegal" Building Warrant for Castlebank Street used to demolish Partick Central Ticket office on Benalder Street.

  Sign the e-Petition at the Scottish Parliament  The impact of 24-hour supermarket developments

Updated Objection Letter to Original Proposal (March 07) - Download here  Print it off, add your name and address, and send to the council to make it clear you object along with everyone else.


People power defeats Tesco   The supermarket giant has withdrawn a proposal for a massive store and 662 homes in London.


Complain !


Call Doug Thornton (Tesco’s Development Executive) to complain about this development and the demolition of Partick Central Ticket Office, on 07714 346694 or 01707 634941



STOP is demanding that before any construction work takes place on the Beith Street site (by any developer), a complete, historically accurate reconstruction of the Partick Central Railway Station Ticket Office shall be made to the satisfaction of Historic Scotland and Glasgow City Council on a site agreed in written in advance of reconstruction.



Our Aims & Objectives


The STOP Campaign group has been formed to organise a protest against Tesco's plans to build a huge retail and residential development along the bank of the River Kelvin, near Beith Street in Partick, Glasgow, including a 24-hour Tesco superstore, 580 car parking spaces and a one-way system around Partick Cross.

Over 1,000 objections have already been submitted to try to stop this proposal. Various serious concerns have been raised:

1. Increased traffic, parking and access problems
2. Threat to locally-owned shops and family-owned businesses.
3. Contrary to the City Plan and policy guidance
4. Inappropriate design, scale and materials

You can still submit an objection to planning applications No. 06/01972/DC
and 05/03143/DC - Development of Food, Retail and Residential Park,
Beith Street- to Ms. Elaine Murray, Development & Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council, 229 George Street, Glasgow G1 1QU


Here it is again : Objection Letter - Download here  Print it off, add your name and address, and send to the council to make it clear you object along with everyone else.

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Chairman : Samer Bagaeen, email :
Press Officer :  Gordon Bickerton, email :
Secretary : Kenny McLean, email :


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